Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My friend Jihyeun Byeon Thesis Project // Spring 2008

So my friend Ji did this amazing project for her thesis last spring pertaining to the spatial experience in abandoned, forgotten buildings titled Remembering Insignificance, forgotten space [undergraduate thesis]. Her ideas on memory run into some of the research Ryohei and I have been doing with our own studio project, here are a few things that I found extremely interesting and hope to keep in the back of my mind as we continue our development of work through research and diagramming. Jihyeun spoke of memory as something universal, something not solid that cannot be mutated or erased such as external new memory devices [hard drives] can be. Memory is always thought as one concept, she says but each persons memory posses different layers of mind, of perception, of physical and mental abilities, and personal filtering processes. Personal memory has limitiations that external devices do not such as limited space and personal experience as an affector. This memory she felt was used as humans become active explorers within these unprogrammed spaces inside abandoned buildings.

One thing she said that I found highly intriguing was:
"the experience of a building in present time is distracted from the original intention of the designer with its past preserved, now the experience of the building is a pure adventure, or a memory game.. . . . .experience of a psace depends on the connected fragmented memories from the moment of experience usually registered through the senses. "

I hope to take some of these ideas on memory and space through to my own work.

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