Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reveiw Research // part 4

World Heritage development

World heritage under threat in Prague
UNESCO has ordered the city of Prague to revise a project for constructing skyscarpers near its centre, threatening that unless the city complies it could be struck from the World Heritage list. Prague newspaper Pražský deník notes that the critics of the project can notch up UNESCO's demand as a success: "UNESCO has put an end to the skyscraper plans. These buildings that were to reach a hundred metres into the sky will now end up at least 30 metres smaller because otherwise Prague's unique panorama would suffer. The civic initiatives have won their battle - albeit on international soil. The city authorities had so far proven immune to their demands. Mayor of Prague Pavel Bem claimed that the threat of the city being struck off the World Heritage list was not real. Now we know that it is indeed real.

City centre buildings 'pose threat' to world heritage site
Report claims new developmentsthreaten Toledo’s historic setting

A Government white paper proposes 'buffer zones' to protect World Heritage Sites - such as the Tower of London and Palace of Westminster - from inappropriate development

Plans for a giant skyscraper complex in Vienna's historic 1st District threatens the city's status as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Die Presse reported yesterday.

Skyscraper ban next to world heritage sites -Telegraph.co.uk

Skyscraper may see St Petersburg lose world heritage status - guardian.co.uk

Skyscrapers to be banned in Britain's world heritage sites - the independent uk

UNESCO: Pankrác skyscrapers must be lowered -Úvodní stránka CzechNewsPraha - According to UNESCO's World Heritage Committee, the skyscrapers planned for the Pankrác district in Prague must be lowered, otherwise they would damage one of Europe's best preserved historical city panoramas.

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