Sunday, February 1, 2009

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By reading this we understood the idea of preserving in reality with future technologies. The ideas of accessibility and portability of the past/history we find highly intriguing. We now realize we not only can catalog and store these world heritage sites but resurrect specific events and experiences that were had in that specific site, creating a personal replica for anyone who contains memories tied to that specific place. How can we replicate this is the next question, perhaps through high resolution photography, video footage, precise computer modeling, photosynth, and creating interfaces allowing people to upload personal memories to the server through photographs, video, and writings. The world heritage sites serve as our DNA that we are able to manipulate and reconfigure. We want to create a preserved global museum of history for future generations to be able to experience; using the present sites as the physical entity, the past history/events are the virtual entity and the future is perhaps a mix of both entities to create an entirely new realm. [ideas of disneyland / jurassic park come to mind, recreating old worlds/histories/important events]

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